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TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING — Marshalltown senior Maeve Janssen walks through the water en route to a victory in the 100-yard breaststroke during Tuesday’s Iowa Alliance Conference swim and dive meet against Des Moines North at the MHS swimming pool. Janssen won the event in 1 minute 29.37 seconds and the Bobcats beat the Polar Bears 133-42.

A quick meet for the Marshalltown women’s swimming and diving team on Tuesday night before Bobcat’s Saturday invite went pretty well for coach Angie Nelson and her team.

The Bobcats earned a 133-42 team win over the Des Moines North Polar Bears in a home meet used to provide Marshalltown swimmers with plenty of opportunities to develop and train competitively ahead of the tournament in 10 teams from this weekend.

Marshalltown won all but two of the events – the 400-yard freestyle relay in which the Bobcats group of Riley Robinson, Ally Fisher, Jorja Janssen and Amiaha Weatherly swam a race of 5 minutes, 6.94 seconds. Meredith Kodis, Grace Bethel, Kaisa Stanley and Elizabeth Johnson finished third for the Bobcats. On the back, Clara Cunningham took the win for the Polar Bears ahead of Maisie Gummert.

The wins were plenty for the Bobcats, who started with the 200 IM relay and the group of Libby Meyer, Rachel Case, Averie Wittkop and Morgan Bear took the win in 2:19.51. Robinson, Leticia Herrera, Lesli Waltermire and Janssen finished second in 2:21.20.

Waltermire took the win in the 200 freestyle clocking 2:18.15, while Wittkop was top in the 200 IM clocking 2:30.97.

TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Marshalltown senior Riley Robinson swims the first leg of the 400-yard freestyle relay during Tuesday’s home game against Des Moines North.

Nelson said it was a good opportunity to distribute swimmers early in the season and give them a chance in events they don’t usually swim in.

“It’s a good competition, it gives the girls opportunities to swim things that they wouldn’t normally swim,” Nelson said. “We have young people that we are still trying to figure out what they can do and what they can do really well, and so we can’t do that unless we move them.

“We can see them in training, but we really need to see them in a competitive setting.”

Gummert was the winner in the 50 free with a 29.48, followed by Weatherly at 31.16.

Wittkop added to his wins with a solid time of 1:06.75 in the 100 butterfly. Robinson was second in the event and Herrera was third for the Bobcats to get a clean 1-2-3 sweep.

In the 100 freestyle, it was another 1-2-3 sweep thanks to Maeve Janssen’s time of 1:00.91, Case’s 1:08.38 in second and Fisher in third with a 1:20.41.

Waltermire took a convincing victory in the 500m freestyle with a time of 6:09.52, while in the 200m freestyle relay the group of Meyer, Stanley, Fisher and Wittkop won with a time of 2:04.74 and Gummert, Mia Giannetto, Abby Tollefson and Waltermire finished third at 2:06.89.

Maeve Janssen won in a rare attempt in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:29.37.

In diving, Tollefson won with a score of 283.35. Stanley was second at 242.85 while Kiersten Randall was third at 189.7.

The win gives the Bobcats some confidence ahead of a very tough invite, in which Nelson said she has yet to decide how best to maximize the Bobcats’ scoring potential.

“I just have to look where we can score the best,” Nelson said. “I’m thrilled that some of our veteran swimmers are going out there and having great competition because we’ve had a few meets where we have good competition, but we just need more of that.”

Diving for the Bobcat Invite begins at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and swim events begin at 12:30 p.m. at the Marshalltown YMCA.

Marshalltown 133, North Des Moines 42

In Marshalltown


(Champion plus MHS winners)

RELAY MEDLEY 200 – 1. MHS (Meyer, Case, Wittkop, Bear) 2:19.51; 2. MHS (Robinson, Herrera, Waltermire, J. Janssen) 2:21.20.

200 FREE — 1. Lesli Waltermire, MHS, 2:18.15; 3. Meredith Kodis, MHS, 2:39.31; 5. Jorja Janssen, MHS, 3:20.04.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY – 1. Averie Wittkop, MHS, 2:30.97; 2. Libby Meyer, MHS, 3:03.79.

50 FREESTYLE — 1. Maisie Gummert, MHS, 29.48; 2. Amiaha Weatherly, MHS, 31:16; 3. Riley Robinson, MHS, 31.70.

DIVING — 1. Abby Tollefson 283.35; 2. Kaisa Stanley 242.85; 3. Kiersten Randall 189.70.

100 BUTTERFLY – 1. Wittkop, MHS, 1:06.75; 2.Robinson, MHS, 1:22.58; 3. Leticia Herrera, MHS, 1:29.52.

100 FREE — 1. Maeve Janssen, MHS, 1:00.91; 2. Rachel Case, MHS, 1:08.38; 3. Ally Fisher, MHS, 1:20.41.

500 FREE – 1. Waltermire, MHS, 6:09.52; 2. Weatherly, MHS, 7:18.68; 3. Kodis, MHS, 7:36.54.

RELAY 200 FREESTYLE — 1. MHS (Meyer, Stanley, Fisher, Wittkop) 2:04.74; 3. MHS (Gummbert, Giannetto, Tollefson, Waltermire) 2:06.89.

100 DOS – 1. Clara Cunningham, DMN, 1:15.73; 2. Gummert, MHS, 1:19.75; 3. Herrera, MHS, 1:30.74; 4.Fisher, MHS, 1:38.92.

100 BREATH — 1. M. Janssen, MHS, 1:29.37; 3. Meyer, MHS, 1:45.77; 4. Morgan Bear, MHS, 1:54.56.

400 FREE RELAY — 1. DMN (Cunningham, Rice, Labresh, Ballenger-Hudson) 4:52.05; 2. MHS (Robinson, Fisher, J. Janssen, Weatherly) 5:06.94; 3. MHS (Kodis, Bethel, Stanley, Johnson) 5:51.84.

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