Diver stranded at sea 30 miles offshore records his ‘last moments’

A man who washed ashore 30 miles offshore has captured what he thought were his final moments. See what happened:

As he was getting out of the water, the 30-year-old lost sight of the safety rope and could see the boat moving away.

Despite his best efforts to follow the trawler, it eventually disappeared and he was left alone for six hours.

As the sun was rapidly setting, Jacob didn’t believe the rescue team would be able to find him in the dark and decided to capture what he feared would be his final moments.

In the video, he says, “So this is it. The sun is going down, they won’t do anything. This is a movie about old Jakey.”

In a follow-up, the diver said he got into trouble when he surfaced and discovered the rope had been pulled.

Jake Childs was stranded at sea for six hours. Credit: Jacob Childs/YouTube

Jacob said ABC News at the time: “It took us a long time to get wet… which left us [with] several people in different states of readiness. I was one of the first to jump in [to the water].

“It was then 15 minutes before the last people arrived… during which time we fought the current the whole way.

“Then we started down the line. One person was on top, so I went and swapped hands and missed the rope… so I surfaced alongside the boat.

“There was no slogan at the back for me to hold on to…by the time the skipper threw it I had already passed it.”

He told the Express“It’s a long time to get through on your own, and it’s a long swim to shore.

“There is nothing to judge where you are. All the waves are alike and there is no land to try to measure you.

“I think they picked me up eight miles from where we were diving.”

A huge rescue mission was launched but did not find him for some time.  Credit: Jacob Childs/YouTube
A huge rescue mission was launched but did not find him for some time. Credit: Jacob Childs/YouTube

Fortunately, an extensive rescue operation was launched to find him and bring him back to shore.

And around 5:30 p.m., a plane spotted him floating in the water.

Jacob said: “I was snug in my wetsuit…I wasn’t too tired as I was floating.

“I just wanted a glass of water and a cup of tea.”

The officer in charge of the rescue mission, Sergeant Rob Jorna, said Jacob’s experience as a diver and instructor enabled the team to find him.

“He knew what to do, and he was balanced at the time, and he didn’t panic and he did whatever it took, and activated his safety equipment which alerted the aerial spotter,” said he declared.

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