Ex-Auburn Tennis Player Tad Maclean Wins 2022 Cliff Hare Award

AUBURN, Alabama – As one half of one of the top men’s doubles in tennis in the country, Tad Maclean got used to competing in front of energetic fans.

That’s why Maclean was cool and calm while accepting the Cliff Hare award Saturday before Auburn’s season opener against Mercer with 85,000 in attendance at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

“Being in Jordan-Hare is amazing,” Maclean said. “Hearing about the legacy and prestige of the award. I’m so glad I got to be chosen.”

Maclean received the grandson award from his namesake, who shares his grandfather’s surname. Auburn Stadium was named in 1949 for Clifford Leroy Hare, who played on Auburn’s first football team in 1892 and later served as Dean of Chemistry and President of the Southern Conference, which went on to become the SEC. Inscribed on the award are these words: “Athleticism makes men strong, study makes men wise, and character makes men great.”

“Winning this award means everything,” Maclean said. “Especially after meeting Cliff and talking to him. There are so many deserving athletes out there.”

On the pitch, Maclean teamed up with fellow Englishman Finn Murget to reach the final of the 2021 NCAA Doubles Championship. He finished his career that spring ranked seventh in Auburn history with 74 doubles wins and 11e in combined wins with 140.

Maclean and Murgett went 10-2 against SEC opponents this season, earning All-America status for the second straight year.

Awarded annually since 1958, the Cliff Hare Award honors a senior student-athlete for academic and athletic achievement as well as leadership, integrity and courage. Maclean became only the second tennis student-athlete to win, joining 2002 Cliff Hare Award winner Estevam Strecker.

“It’s something that was preached from the start by Bobby (Reynolds) and Chris (Hooshyar), both of whom were my coaches,” Maclean said. “They definitely helped me develop the leadership aspects.”

A 2022 graduate in accounting from Harbert College of Business at Auburn University, Maclean works for Deloitte in Atlanta in international tax consulting.

“Enjoy it,” Maclean said. “It’s definitely very different being on the court. Great people there. I’m grateful to Auburn and everyone involved here for giving me the opportunity. Being on the court has definitely prepared me for the September tax deadlines.

“Being a good teammate and being surrounded by good teammates. That definitely meant the most to me along the way. Those are the things you take with you forever.”

Cliff Hare Award Winners

Year Athlete, Sport
1958Jimmy Phillips, Football
1959 Lloyd Nix, Football
1960 Henry Hart, basketball
1961 Ed Dyas, Football
1962 Don Machen, Football
1963 Layton Johns, basketball
1964 Link Kent, Football
1965 Billy Edge, Football
1966 John Cochran, Soccer
1967 Bobby Beaird, Football
1968 Marvin Tucker, Football
1969 Al Griffin, Football
1970 Connie Frederick, Soccer
1971 Alvin Bresler, Football
1972 Pat Sullivan, Football
1973Mike Neel, Football
1974 Benny Sivley, Football
1975 Bobby Davis, Soccer
1976 Rick Neel, Football
1977 Gary Schatz, Swimming
1978 Marvin Trott, Football
1979 Jeff Gray, Football
1980Charlie Trotman, Football
1981 Ambrose “Rowdy” Gaines, Swimming
1982 Edmund Nelson, Soccer
1983Mark Dorminey, Football
1984 Randy Campbell, Football
1985 Gregg Carr, Football
1986 Rob Shuler, Soccer
1987 Yann Cowart, Football
1988 Rodney Bowman, Swimming
1989 Randy Hudson, Track
1990 Win LyleFootball
1991 Geoff Answini, Swimming
1992 Chad Muilenburg, Football
1993 Karekin Cunningham, Football
1994 Stan White, Football
1995 Jay Wagoner, baseball
1996 Patrick Nix, Football
1997 Wes FlaniganBasketball
1998 Dameyune Craig, Football
1999 Casey Dunn, baseball
2000 Mathew Busbee, Swimming
2001 Jeff Somensatto, Swimming
2002 Estevam Strecker, Tennis
2003 Ben Nowland, Soccer
2004 BJ Jones, Swimming
2005 César Garcia, diving
2006 Doug Van Wie, Swimming
2007 Steven Segerlin, diving
2008 Jay Moseley, Golf
2009 Glenn Northcutt, Golf
2010 Jordan Anderson, Swimming
2011 Dan Mazzaferro, diving
2012 Corey Luckie, baseball
2013 Ashton Richardson, Football
2014 TJ Leon, Swimming
2015 Frazer McKean, diving
2016 Justin Youtsey, diving
2017 Joe Patching, Swimming
2018 Wesley Curles, Track
2019 Tommy Brewer, Swimming
2020 Jack Driscoll, Football
2021 Jordyn Peters, Football
2022 Tad MacleanTennis

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