‘It’s called a dive…’: Fans go into a frenzy as Nick Young collapses in ’embarrassing’ clip of his boxing debut

No one would expect such an outing in his boxing debut. However, it happened. Not your typical boxer, Nick Young had one of the most embarrassing moments in the ring. He lost to his opponent Malcolm Minikon when he lost his balance with the kick such that he stumbled off the ropes.

Before him, several NBA players laced gloves in the night, but none of them suffered such discomfort. A clip of him getting knocked out has been circulating on social media and catching fans’ attention.


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The recent card broadcast on FITE.tv promoted by the main event between AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom was filled with so-called fighters from the NFL, NBA and social media.

Along with the main event and co-main event, the card featured a very interesting fight between former basketball player Nick “Swaggy P” Young and famed videographer Malcolm Minikon. Considering they didn’t come out with the skills of elite boxers, fans still expected a good fight. Sadly, Young couldn’t even match that.

Before Minikon, he had to face Blueface. However, the latter could not go to the fight because he could not obtain a boxing license. This gave Minikon the opportunity to fight Young. He exploited it well and knocked Young out of the ring in the 4th round.

How did fans react to Nick Young’s elimination?

A fan wrote, “No way he just failed in the boxing match lol.”

Another fan made a hilarious remark in the form of a question. He wrote, “Who would have ever thought Nick Young couldn’t fight.”

Another fan accused Young of only fighting for the money.

Another fan claims that Young dove out of the ring on his own.

Another fan wrote, “It’s called a dive.”

Another fan wrote, “He wasn’t pushed or hit, he just gave up. I can’t wait to hear Gil handle this.

Another fan wrote, “Lol..basketball players trying to box will always be funny!”


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