The Welsh tandem wins the synchro at the Open Championship

Jacob Welsh and Zachary Welsh, both of Mission Viejo, won the men’s 3-meter synchronized springboard with a score of 332.46 points to kick off the USA Diving Open championship Thursday at City of Midland Aquatics’ O’Shaughnessy Dive Center .

Anne Fowler of Johansen Diving Academy and Carolina Sculti of Mission Viejo teamed up to win the women’s 3m synchro (248.76); Aidan Wang and Sam Oelerich, both of RipFest, won the men’s synchro platform (311.13); and free divers Madison Huitt and Nike Agunbiade won the women’s synchronized platform (233.82).

The USA Diving Open Championship can serve as a qualifier for potential FINA Grand Prix events in the fall and a chance to earn a qualifying score for the Winter Nationals.

Competition continues Friday with the men’s 1 meter final and the women’s 3 meter final.

United States Open Diving Championship

At COM Aquatique


3 meter synchronized springboard

1. Jacob Welsh, Mission Viejo-Zachary Welsh, Mission Viejo, 332.46; 2. Dylan Reed, Pitt Aquatic Club-Cameron Cash, Pitt Aquatic Club, 308.64; 3. Nicholas Harris, TNT Diving-Conor Gesing, TNT Diving, 307.32; 4. Jack Ryan, unattached-Lyle Yost, unattached, 297.96; 5. Tanner Braunton, Mile High Dive Club-Collier Dyer, Mile High Dive Club, 297.24; 6. Alex Mo, Independent-Ryan Augustine, McCormick Divers, 294.30; 7. Adam Sneden, unattached-Che Stephens, unattached, 293.55; 8. Aidan Wang, RipFest-Luca Fassi, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 247.98; 9. Conrad Eck, Mile High Dive Club-Nicholas Sanders, Mile High Dive Club, 210.36

Synchronized platform

1. Aidan Wang, RipFest – Sam Oelerich, RipFest, 311.13; 2. Brandon Loschiavo, Free-Jordan Rzepka, Purdue Diving, 309.27


3 meter synchronized springboard

1. Anne Fowler, Johansen Diving Academy-Carolina Sculti, Mission Viejo, 248.76; 2. Bailee Sturgill, RipFest-Lily Witte, Wolverine Diving, 248.28; 3. Taylor Fox, Mission Viejo-Avery Giese, Mission Viejo, 225.96; 4. Kaylee Bishop, Coral Springs Diving-Avery Worobel, The Woodlands Diving Academy, 223.83; 5. Violet Williamson, Knight Diving Academy-Katerina Hoffman, Knight Diving Academy, 222.84; 6. Katerina Hoffman, Knight Diving Academy-Gianna Lawrence, Knight Diving Academy, 222.27; 7. Madeline Kohel, RipFest-Amelia Rinehart, Indiana International Diving School, 210.45; 8. Mary Kate Cavanaugh, Mile High Dive Club-Chiara Lopach, Mile High Dive Club, 203.55; 9. Celia Bidwell, Dominion Dive Club-Elisabeth Rockefeller, Dominion Dive Club, 202.95; 10. Sheridan Smith, Mission Viejo-Zara Joy Ayazi, Unattached, 200.88; 11. Gianna Lawrence, Knight Diving Academy-Violet Williamson, Knight Diving Academy, 197.19; 12. Megan Jolly, Libre-Ava Jendritz, Legacy Diving, 188.22; 13. Ana Kwong, single-Maria Carolina Faoro, Dallas Metroplex Diving, 183.69; 14. Ruth McCranie, Moss Diving Farms-Shannon Icard, Moss Diving Farms, 177.12

Synchronized platform

1. Madison Eightt, Free-Nike Agunbiade, Free, 233.82

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