WATCH: Diver cleans up the Penticton Channel and posts an underwater adventure on Youtube

Instead of taking a relaxing float down the Penticton Canal like thousands of people do every summer, David Pennylegion free dives to clean up their mess and film the whole underwater adventure.

The Underwater Treasure Hunter has been cleaning the bottom of the Okanagan River for a few years now, finding cell phones, sunglasses, shopping carts, lots of cans and more. He posts the dives on his Youtube channel Peaks & Plunges.

Whenever he finds a phone or sunglasses, he tries to return it to its rightful owner and has been quite successful. He found a blue cellphone in a waterproof case on Saturday and hopes to find the rightful owner.

“I try to return all lost items to people because, let’s face it, it sucks to lose hundreds or dollars worth of property.”

Pennylegion cleaned up a lot of plastic, glass, golf balls and other trash.

“I’m doing this because we have one of the biggest salmon runs coming up,” he said ahead of his Sunday dive. The channel can hold tens of thousands of salmon per year, which means hundreds of thousands of eggs.

“But to lay those eggs, they need to be comfortable and healthy,” Pennylegion said.

“These salmon die at the end of the year and restore nutrition to the soil here. That’s why I clean the channel.

It can be seen diving today (Sunday) around noon.

Floating on the canal is one of the best things to do in Penticton in the summer.

And just in case anyone was wondering, the total 4 mile length of the canal from Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake takes just over an hour and a half right now.

The water is very high for this time of year and flows very fast.

In two of Pennylegion’s videos, he notices that the flow of the river is fast, which makes scavenging for trash a little more difficult.

Several floaters who had tied their floats together got into trouble at the bridge pillars of the SuperSave gas station in Green Mountain Road. The rapid rescue of a family of 10 took place on July 11.

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